I am a dynamic individual, photographer, husband, a devoted friend, a coffee addict, sport fanatic and I maybe enjoy the smell of fresh varnish and new leather a little bit too much.

Born and raised in Germany. A trained commercial photographer an self-employed photographer since 2012. I lived and worked in London for 3 years and living in Berlin since 2015. Been to India multiple times, swam in the north atlantic of Africa and had a sunburn one to many times.

I love being outside in nature, getting lost in the forest when I go running and run almost 40km a week. I deeply enjoy listing to music and should try to hand my Spotify Account invoices in for my tax returns. I am a big fan of minimalism, concrete and straight lines. My love for good food and cooking is so deep, that I sometimes believe that I could also be a chef.

Being a photographer and having a camera in my hand makes me thoroughly happy.

I can imagine that this is a little bit unusual self-description, but I hope you know me a little bit better now.

If there is anything else, that you would like to know about me just GET IN TOUCH