Nils Wilbert

I didn’t plan to be a photographer. If I am being completely honest, I thought I would be a chef. The creation of a meal that captivates the senses was fascinating to me. That is until I got an internship at a photo studio. I realised I could create an image, that also engages the senses but through a completely different medium. I immediately started a 3-year apprenticeship in a studio in Koblenz, Germany.

Here I learnt the technical know-how in greater detail and this really helped shape my core knowledge. However, I felt that I needed to experiment more and to push myself out of my comfort zone. So, I moved to London and started working on small independent projects. The pay was the worst but the experiences were extraordinary. I began to find my aesthetic and grow both personally and professionally.

In 2015, I decided to make another change and moved to Berlin. The culture here… the city… there is something about it that has had a very strong impact on my photography style. My work shifted to primarily product photography. Now I focus on telling a story, the story of an object, with light and shadow being my tools.